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Blue variable name and black key words seem boring to me now. I find that the color scheme of this site is better. Can I apply that in my notebook?

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FYI, the syntax highlighter in this site is extremely limited compared to the Mathematica front end. You can customize the colors of the built-in syntax highlighter in the menu: Edit > Preferences... > Appearance > Syntax coloring. –  István Zachar Jan 6 at 15:46
@IstvánZachar But I don't know which color I shall use. I want a recommended scheme. –  zhangwfjh Jan 6 at 15:48
There are some finetuned color schemes (e.g. Solarize), but no ready-made one-click file (at least I know of) that applies it to your Mathematica front-end. –  István Zachar Jan 6 at 15:50
@IstvánZachar Thanks, anyway. –  zhangwfjh Jan 6 at 15:52
@bills Does a stylesheet affect the syntax highlighter as well? If so, I didn't know about that! –  István Zachar Jan 6 at 15:59

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