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I am trying to compute a Voronoi diagram bounded by a box. In some cases, the points used to compute the diagram form a diagram such that at least two boundary points are within the same polygon. For Example:

centres = {{0, 1250}, {4750, 2000}, {-2500, -2500}, {500, 750}};
boundaries = {{10000, 10000}, {-10000, 
    10000}, {-10000, -10000}, {10000, -10000}};
{diagvert, diagval} = BoundedDiagram[boundaries, centres];

With the Voronoi diagram:

enter image description here

This leads to the error:

BoundedDiagram::notuniq: BoundedDiagram requires that boundary vertices lie in unique Voronoi polygons.

Since I am trying to generalize the scenario, I can't design a specific boundary for the points, and I would like to use a general big enough boundary. Is there any way to allow multiple boundary points within the same polygon? Or perhaps a different approach?

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If I understood correctly that bounding box needs to be automated, you can just use this trick:

centres = RandomReal[1, {50, 2}];

voronoi = ListDensityPlot[Append[#, 0] & /@ centres, InterpolationOrder -> 0, 
  BoundaryStyle -> Black, Frame -> False, ColorFunction -> (White &)]

enter image description here

Then information about Polygons and other geometry is available as

Cases[voronoi, _Polygon, Infinity]


voronoi // InputForm

or rebuilding

Graphics[{FaceForm[], EdgeForm[Black], 
  GraphicsComplex[voronoi[[1, 1]], Cases[voronoi, _Polygon, Infinity]]}]
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