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Within the debugger, can we watch local variables within a Module?

As the screenshot shows, the “i” only display its global value (12) upon a message breakpoint. Is there a way to show its local value? enter image description here


i = 12; f[] := Module[{i}, For[i = 1, i < 10, i++, Print[i]; Print[":\t"]; Print[i/0]]; ];



Hummm... I would say that Mathematica debugger is not a good option for debug. I hope that the new Wolfram Language could came with a new Wolfram Debugger. :p –  Murta Jan 4 at 20:14
It is not showing the local value because it is not really i within the module - it's some temporary variable. –  VF1 Jan 4 at 20:17
@vf1: Do you know how to get the actual name of the temporary variable so we can watch them, like in Visual studio? –  JimmyLin Jan 4 at 20:18
@Murta: link, user Szabolcs metioned that the debugger is "immensely helpful" because it can watch local variable. Any idea on how he achieved that? –  JimmyLin Jan 4 at 20:19
@Murta: the previous link was wrong, please see this –  JimmyLin Jan 4 at 20:22

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I figured it out - never used the debugger in MMA before so that's why I improvised. The Stack window has a "Local variables" tab - just open that: enter image description here

Old answer

You can get the actual temporary name of the variable by printing it before it has a value. I'll see if there's a nicer solution.

enter image description here

This is however not sufficient. For example, what if "i" is the index of an array and we want to display value of myArray[i]? The small expandable "Local variable" icon shows only the value, but that value cannot be used. –  JimmyLin Jan 4 at 20:39
@JimmyLin your question states "Is there a way to show its local value?" - for the time being, you can copy and paste. If you're looking for a Visual Studio level of debugging, I recommend Wolfram Workbench. –  VF1 Jan 4 at 20:43
@JimmyLin even copy/paste is unnecessary - you can directly edit the local variables cell. –  VF1 Jan 4 at 20:46
If you change "Module" to "Block", could you notice any difference? On my machine now I can access (both view and edit) the local variable. –  JimmyLin Jan 4 at 23:08
Could you show the command to print local variable "i"'s name "i$xxx"? I find it useful, but seems you have replaced the old answer with the newer one. –  JimmyLin Jan 4 at 23:50

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