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How can I get a histogram with a logarithmic scale only on the the y-axis?


data=RandomReal[NormalDistribution[0, 1], 200]

Histogram[data, {"Log", 10}, "LogCount"]

I get a log scaled histogram for both axis. I'm using mathematica 7.

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Histogram[data, Automatic, "LogCount"] works for me (Mma 9). –  MikeLimaOscar Jan 3 at 15:44
Or Histogram[data, "Linear", "LogCount"] specifies linear for the x-axis and log for the y. –  bill s Jan 3 at 15:49
It works great, thx –  Anna Jan 3 at 17:53
I voted to leave this post open. @MikeLimaOscar Please post that as an answer. This question, although simple, is well written with a clear MWE and should be answered. (If it gets closed in the meantime, please ping me.) –  rm -rf Jan 4 at 6:06
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The second argument to Histogram controls the bins, the third the counts so simply use

Histogram[data, Automatic, "LogCount"]

or as suggested by @Bill use "Linear" in place of Automatic.

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