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I am a learn-by-example person. I have no idea to change every { and } to ( and ) respectively. Could you let me know which concept in Mathematica is related to this problem so I can learn it much faster?

The objective is to convert the output of

Tuples[{{a, b, c}, {1, 2}}]

which is

{{a, 1}, {a, 2}, {b, 1}, {b, 2}, {c, 1}, {c, 2}}

to LaTeX-friendly output as follows. I have learnt TeXForm but it must be called at the last phase.

$\{(a, 1), (a, 2), (b, 1), (b, 2), (c, 1), (c, 2)\}$
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TeXForm is an output format. You can only achieve what you want as an output format, called at the last phase, like TeXForm. You can defined your own output formats, with Format, and the solutions to the linked question. – Michael E2 Dec 30 '13 at 17:51
@Kuba: Thanks for the link. – kiss my armpit Dec 30 '13 at 17:51
Unless you have a large number of these it looks like a job for a text editor (preferably grep-friendly) or even a $\LaTeX$ macro that temporarily redefines {} (although it is also a nice hack to learn in MMA!). – A.G. Dec 30 '13 at 19:51

I see...

StringForm["(``,``)", ##] & @@@ {{-3, 
    0}, {0, -1}, {1, -2}, {2, -5}, {4, 7}, {5, 4}, {6, 3}, {9, 
    2}} // TeXForm
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