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I have a list of edges defined based on vertices like this:

Edges={{2, 1}, {10, 9}, {11, 10}, {11, 4}, {17, 12},.....} 
(*Where each number is the index of a vertex which has 3D coordinates*)

In order to plot a graph I first made Edges looks like this (I want to plot undirected graph)

edges = Flatten[Table[{Edges[[i, 1]] <-> Edges[[i, 2]]}, {i, 1, Length[Edges]}]];

Then I plot the graph

GraphPlot3D[edges, VertexLabeling -> False, (*VertexCoordinateRules -> nodescoord*), \BoxRatios -> Automatic,ViewPoint -> {0, 0, -Infinity}];

Where am I wrong? Is it the way I define edges using "<->"?

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Use Graph[] instead of GraphPlot[]

n = 8;
vC = RandomReal[{0, 1}, {n, 3}];
edges = UndirectedEdge @@@ Subsets[Range@n, {2}];
Graph[edges, VertexCoordinates -> vC]

Mathematica graphics

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@ belisarius,Thanks, I thought graph can only display 2D images. But why VertexLabels -> "Name" property fails. And, is there a place to share mine and use Mathematica extension packages written by others? – novice Dec 23 '13 at 5:58
@novice You can talk about that in chat – Dr. belisarius Dec 23 '13 at 6:16

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