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I'm trying to create a simple graph from a matrix and then highlight a particular subgraph. My code (simplified from a bigger task) is as follows. I keep getting the "Subgraph::graph: A graph object is expected at position 1" message whenever I try to use Subgraph (or HighlightGraph). What might I be doing wrong? Thanks in advance for the help.

<< Combinatorica`

General::compat: Combinatorica Graph and Permutations functionality has been superseded by preloaded functionality. The package now being loaded may conflict with this. Please see the Compatibility Guide for details.

BB = Table[0, {i, 4}, {j, 4}];
BB[[1]][[2]] = 1;
BB[[2]][[1]] = 1;

{{0, 1, 0, 0}, {1, 0, 0, 0}, {0, 0, 0, 0}, {0, 0, 0, 0}}

Gr = FromAdjacencyMatrix[BB];
Subgraph[Gr, {1, 2}]

Subgraph::graph: A graph object is expected at position 1 in RowBox[{"Subgraph", "[", RowBox[{InterpretationBox[StyleBox[RowBox[{"[SkeletonIndicator]", "Graph:<", 0, ",", 4, ",", "Undirected", ">[SkeletonIndicator]"}], ShowAutoStyles -> False, AutoSpacing -> False], Graph[{}, {{{0, 1.}}, {{-1., 0}}, {{0, -1.}}, {{1., 0}}}], Editable -> False], ",", ({1, 2})}], "]"}]. >>

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FromAdjacencyMatrix construct combinatorica graph. Subgraph and HighglightGraph accept system graph object.

Instead of loading Combinatorica package, you can just create graph from matrix by using AdjacencyGraph:

gr = AdjacencyGraph[BB]

Then Subgraph should work fine with it:

Subgraph[gr, {1, 2}]
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