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I'm playing with this question: here and here


cellExpression1 = Cell[BoxData[ToBoxes[im]], "Text", Background -> Yellow];

cellExpression2 = Cell["<ul class=\"InlineText\">\n    {% for post in site.posts \offset: 0 limit: 25%}\n      <li><time datetime=\"{{ post.date | \date: \"%Y-%m-%d\" }}\">{{ post.date | date_to_string }}</time> \&raquo; <a href=\"{{ post.url }}\">{{ post.title }}</a></li>\n    {% \endfor %}\n</ul>", "Text", PageWidth -> 500,    CellMargins -> {{50, 30}, {50, 0}}, Background -> Blue];

cellExpression = Cell[BoxData[GridBox[{{cellExpression1, cellExpression2}}]],      "Text", Background -> Red];cellExpression // CellPrint
  • question1:

pagewidth doesn't work well. I'm tring to make my codes(cell2) into one fixed region, I've tried control the fixed region by CellMargins..

It seems GridBox remove the options of cell1 and cell2.

  • question2:

cell1 and cell2 doesn't align by center horizontal line, how to do that?

enter image description here

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Hello again :P You have got many unanswered questions. Have you found solutions/workarounds? If so, please consider selfanswering :) –  Kuba Mar 19 at 18:19

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