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I have a Windows 7 machine and in my network there is a Linux PC. Both have Mathematica 9 installed. I want to run a remote kernel in the Linux PC, and use the Mathematica front end from my win7 PC, but I am getting the following message:

SSH encountered an error with the local network setup while launching kernel 'remote_kernel_name'. Error code = 104.

It doesn't get to the part where it's supposed to ask for my password on the Linux pc. To configure the connection, I went to:

Evaluation >> Kernel Configuration Options...

I selected Basic Options, and Remote Machine. In Machine Name I placed the IP address of the remote Linux machine, and in Kernel Program, I wrote "math".

Also, I have succesfully used PuTTY from my win7 pc to connect to the remote Linux pc and used Mathematica remotely (command line interface).

What's the error code 104 and how do I fix it?

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