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Is there an equivalent command of WeightedData (new in version 9) in Mathematica 8 or I have to define it by myself? I haven't found anything in the site or googleing it... If there is not such command do you have some suggestions for defining it?

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In order to create your own WeightedData you need to define it separately for every function that is supposed to accept it, I think. E.g. Unprotect[Mean]; Mean[WeightedData[data_,weight_]]:= data.weight/Total[w];. You should now be to do this: obj = WeightedData[data,weights]; Mean[obj]. – C. E. Dec 18 '13 at 12:30
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It might be useful to consider TagSet here, to provide a new rule to Mean when it encounters your new data object:

weightedData/:Mean[data_weightedData] :=Mean[List@@data[[1]]]

You can style your object so it looks the same as the M9 object:

Format[weightedData[data_]]:=Panel["weightedData[" <> ToString[Length[data]] <> "]"];

Now a function that builds your data object, there should be more error checking than currently implemented and MapThread was the first thing I thought of:

weightedData[data_, weights_] /; Length[data] == Length[weights]:= Module[{weighted},
weighted = MapThread[#1/#2 &,

Make some data and test it:


To make other functions play nice just use TagSet again

weightedData /: ListLinePlot[data_weightedData]:=ListLinePlot[List @@ data[[1]]];

enter image description here

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