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When I try to use model files generated by FeynRules in FeynArts, I always get errors of this form

Coupling definition in model file for C[S[5],S[1,{e2x1}],-V[3]] is \ incompatible to generic coupling structure. Coupling is not a vector \ of length 1.

(when I use the InsertField function, InsertFields[t11, {S[7], -S[7]} -> {S[2], S[2]}, Model -> "NMSSM"], etc.)

I have tried using the SM and NMSSM models included with FeynRules, and my own models and I get the same error. When I tried using the SM model file that's included with FeynArts, there's no problem. So it seems there's a problem with the FeynArts model files generated by FeynRules?

I'm using FeynRules 2.0.3 and FeynArts 3.9.

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You did not load the generic model:

InsertFields[t11, {S[7], -S[7]} -> {S[2], S[2]}, Model -> "NMSSM"]

should be replaced with

InsertFields[t11, {S[7], -S[7]} -> {S[2], S[2]}, Model -> "NMSSM", GenericModel -> "NMSSM"]

The Model option loads NMSSM.mod, the GenericModel loads NMSSM.gen.

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