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I know this option exists in NonlinearModelFit and probably in other fit models as well but for some reason the best result i get is with FindFit.

Regards Doron

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Can you post your example? FindFit is an older function, having been introduced in v5. NonlinearModelFit and LinearModelFit were introduced more recently in v7 and (I'm guessing here) are probably the functions that will be maintained in the future. – bobthechemist Dec 14 '13 at 13:43
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No, as far as I know. The only difference (in terms of fitted models) between FindFit and NonlinearModelFit is that NonlinearModelFit allows for extraction of additional information about the fitting - for example model["FitResiduals"]. FindFit and NonlinearModelFit yield equivalent models. The best-fit function from NonlinearModelFit[data,form,pars,vars] is the same as the result from FindFit[data,form,pars,vars]. So you should be completely satisfied with NonlinearModelFit and if you see any differences between results of fitting - it must be due to some discrepancy. If you can show here 2 examples where FindFit and NonlinearModelFit return different fits - I'd be very curious.

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Thanks A lot. This was helpful – Doron Dec 14 '13 at 16:31

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