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I am trying to make the Return Key move the insertion point to the end of the input field's text. Please see the example below for the problem I am facing. Namely, when the return key is pressed, the input field's text is updated but the insertion point is not moved.

DynamicModule[{thing = "foo"}, nb = EvaluationNotebook[];EventHandler[InputField[Dynamic@thing,String], {"ReturnKeyDown" :> (thing = thing <> "bar";SelectionMove[nb, Next, Word])}]]
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Figured this one out. It is basically the same problem described here and essentially answered here.

The actions in the EventHandler are calculated on the preemptive link. In order to make the EventHandler act as a Button when Method->"Queued", DynamicWrapper can be used:

DynamicModule[{thing="foo",returnkeydown=False},nb = EvaluationNotebook[];DynamicWrapper[EventHandler[InputField[Dynamic[thing],String],{"ReturnKeyDown":>(thing= thing<>"bar";returnkeydown=True)}],If[returnkeydown,returnkeydown=False;SelectionMove[nb,Next,Word]],SynchronousUpdating->False]]
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