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I want to plot this revenue function: $r=30q-0.3q^2$

I have no range, its an open interval, but when I try to plot in Mathematica it requires the min and max of the plotting limits.

How do I do this?

*Edit: Thank you for helping, my professor gave us the revenue function mentioned up, and asked us to plot " revenue versus quantity (q) ", he did not specify any range, or max and min. My question is can i plot this without a max and min?

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What is commonly known as "open interval" is characterized by min and max. So please clarify or define open interval. –  Kuba Dec 10 '13 at 13:02
Are we here making home works instead of students? –  Alexei Boulbitch Dec 12 '13 at 9:16

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If your interval is from 1 to 80 then this defines your range (which is from min to max):

r[q_] := 30 q - 0.3 q^2;
Plot[r[q], {q, 1, 80}]

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For plotting you need a min and a max.

Or didn't I understand your question?

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