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I was wondering if someone knows enough about the FormCalc package to help me out: I am using FeynArts to generate Feynman-diagrams for certain tree-level processes in my own model and FormCalc to calculate the squared amplitude of these processes, the problem is that when I make


it gives

preparing FORM code in /home/safi/Dro/FormCalc/fc-amp-12.frm running FORM... ReadForm::formerror: !(*StyleBox[!("Illegal position for 33\nIllegal position for 23\nIllegal position for 34\nIllegal position for 24"), "MT"]) $Aborted

One solution for that as on ( http://www.feynarts.de/formcalc/trouble.html ) FormCalc Troubleshooting page is to run fc-amp-12.frm manually by Form comes with FormCalc to see where does the problem come from, but when I make :

./tform fc-amp-12 

it gives

./tform: cannot execute binary file

Have I typed the command correctly .. any suggestions ?

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