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I wanted to have a better control on the ErrorListPlot, so I defined a custom ErrorBarFunction:

ebar[ebarrad_, ebarthickness_, ptsize_] := 
 Function[{coords, errs}, {Thickness -> ebarthickness,
   Line[{coords + {-ebarrad, errs[[2, 1]]}, coords + {ebarrad, errs[[2, 1]]}}], 
   Line[{coords + {-ebarrad, errs[[2, 2]]}, coords + {ebarrad, errs[[2, 2]]}}], 
   Line[{coords + {0, errs[[2, 1]]}, coords + {0, errs[[2, 2]]}}], 
   Line[{coords + {errs[[1, 1]], -ebarrad}, coords + {errs[[1, 1]], ebarrad}}], 
   Line[{coords + {errs[[1, 2]], -ebarrad}, coords + {errs[[1, 2]], ebarrad}}], 
   Line[{coords + {errs[[1, 1]], 0}, coords + {errs[[1, 2]], 0}}], 
   PointSize -> ptsize, Point[{coords}]}]

The problem is, that the length (ebarrad) of the errorbarticks can only be set relative to the figureaxes. Is there a way to define those lengths in absolute points?

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