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Some symbolic derivatives of certain special function are not expanded automatically, but FunctionExpand often helps to get a derivative-free closed form expression.

Derivative[1, 0][BesselJ][0, 1]
(* Derivative[1, 0][BesselJ][0, 1] *)

(* 1/2 π BesselY[0, x] *)

But for some functions it takes too much time to evaluate. Possibly, there is even an infinite loop. For example, I left the following expression to evaluate overnight, and it was still running in the morning without any result or messages.

FunctionExpand[Derivative[1, 0][StruveL][0, 1]]

  • Is there a workaround that could get an expanded form the expression Derivative[1, 0][StruveL][0, 1] in reasonable time?
  • Is there an infinite-loop bug in the implementation of FunctionExpand or I just have to wait longer for the results (weeks, months, ...)?
  • Are there any public information about what approaches are used by FunctionExpand to expand derivatives?
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See Low-order differentiation here functions.wolfram.com/NB/StruveH.nb –  belisarius Nov 19 '13 at 1:07

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