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The Mathematica UI colourizes the FourierParameters in the following

Clear[x, y]
g[x_, y_] = x^2 y ;
f[x_, y_] =
 FourierSeries[x^2 y, {x, y}, {4, 4}, FourierParameters -> {1, 2 Pi}]

as in the following

colorized input

"Why color" on right click says it is excess arguments, but the resulting series computation matches nicely, and returns without error, so this seems like a UI colorizing bug to me.

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If you look at the example given under Options in the on-line docs, you will see the same coloring. So it must be OK, right? I mean, WRI wouldn't let a coloring error show up in their documentation would they? ;-) – m_goldberg Nov 16 '13 at 13:44
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I submitted this issue using the wolfram support form, and it's been accepted as a bug:

"The issue you mentioned about the coloring of the option FourierParameters in FourierSeries is indeed a Mathematica FrontEnd issue.

I will file a report based on the information provided and thank you for bringing this to our attention."

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