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I installed the FeynArts and FormCalc packages and there were no any errors during installation.

Now I try to calculate an amlitude of a process g g > sr sr (where sr are octet scalars defined in a new model SMS) so I did the following:

z := CreateTopologies[0, 2 -> 2]

Ins := InsertFields[z, { V[4], V[4]} -> {S[14], S[14]}, 
                    Model -> "SMS", GenericModel -> "SMS" ]

M = CreateFeynAmp[Ins];

Everything went all right, but when I switched to FormCalc ..:


It gave the following error:

Function::flpar: !(*StyleBox["\"Parameter specification \"", "MT"])!\ (*StyleBox[!({eta, e, ec, ((TopologyList[(([LeftSkeleton] 1 [RightSkeleton]))])), zc, k, eT, eTc}), "MT"])!(*StyleBox["\" in \"", "MT"])!(*StyleBox[!(Function[(((({eta, e, ec, ((TopologyList[(([LeftSkeleton] 1 [RightSkeleton]))])), zc, k, eT, eTc})), k))]), "MT"])!(*StyleBox["\" should be a symbol or a list of symbols.\"", "MT"]) >>

I am missing something in FormCalc, but can't figure out what ...

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Please, provide the code you are working on with a readable formatting. –  Sektor Nov 13 '13 at 21:03

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