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The !True returns False but how can I negate a boolean vector such as {True, False, True}? The exclamanation mark does not work here like this !{True,False,True}.

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doing ??Not shows Not is not Listable. If a function foo is Listable, then one can write foo[{....}], and then foo will automatically by applied to each element in the list. For example, if you do ??Sin you'll see it says it is Listable. For non-listable functions, you can use Map, as in Map[Not,{True,False,True}] or Not[#] & /@ v etc... So, the first thing to always check is to do ?? in order to see if a function is Listable or not. – Nasser Nov 9 '13 at 17:15
@Nasser: Not[#] & can be written more concisely as Not. – Rahul Nov 9 '13 at 18:26
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One straightforward way to negate vectors is to use the full form of !, which it Not

q = {True, True, False};
Not /@ q
{False, False, True}

or equivalently Map[Not, q].

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Thread[!{True, False, True}]
(* {False, True, False} *)
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