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Is it just me or has the ability to make high quality EPS graphics increased greatly in version 9.0.1 compared to 9.0.0? I've always found it difficult to get plots that I make in Mathematica to print nicely in Microsoft Word. Mathematica does a terrific job of converting whole notebooks to a pdf but in my experience, it does a much poorer job of saving individual cells or graphics to a pdf. So I've started saving a given notebook as a pdf. From there I open it up in Adobe Acrobat 11 and crop the figure I want. Then I save the resulting pdf as a .eps which I then import in word. Here's the kicker though, do this with version 9.0.0 and your likely to have issues with the misplacement of text in your figures (or the text may even be missing completely) upon importing the .eps in word. Do this in version 9.0.1 and you'll get beautiful, crystal clear graphics upon the printing of the word document. Did Wolfram Research acknowledge that changes in this area were made with this update? I know we don't like to post too many questions all at once but I was annoyed with the fact that I ended up having to uninstall 9.0.0 from my system in favor of 9.0.1. Why doesn't Mathematica update automatically from version x.a to version x.b? Thanks

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If there were any changes in this area at least they weren't announced officially: wolfram.com/mathematica/quick-revision-history.html –  Sjoerd C. de Vries Nov 8 '13 at 7:31

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