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I am trying to get WolframAlpha to solve a recurrence and evaluate a result in one query.

For example: If

f[6] == 0, f[0] == 1 
f[i] == (1/2)*f[i+1] + (1/2)*f[i-1]

Then f[3] equals to .. ?

It gives me an analytical result for f, but does not evaluate f[3].

How would I get it to evaluate f[3] on this same query ?

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You can use the RSolve command:

RSolve[{a[n] == 1/2 (a[n + 1] + a[n - 1]), a[0] == 1, a[6] == 0}, a[n], n]

{{a[n] -> (6 - n)/6}}

{{a[n] -> (6 - n)/6}} /. n -> 3

{{a[3] -> 1/2}}

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