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Continuing my question in this link, I would like to be able to select just a portion of the following expression:

  "test ",
  StyleBox["2+3", "Input"]
 }], "Text"]

I wish now to select the part "2+3". I've been thinking to do that with Cases, and have tried the following pattern for selecting the StyleBox["2+3", "Input"]:


but that didn't seem to work. Any help with this? Thanks again for all the help!

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We always ask for minimal example of working code one has tried so far. Now I can only guess that the problem is not a pattern but the level spec for Cases. Your pattern fits well:

cell = Cell[TextData[{"test ", StyleBox["2+3", "Input"]}], "Text"];

Cases[cell, _StyleBox, ∞]
{StyleBox["2+3", "Input"]}
Cases[cell, StyleBox[x_, __] :> x, ∞]
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Thank you a lot! This was precisely what I was looking for. I'll provide examples of working code for the future! –  Gabriel Oct 21 '13 at 15:19

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