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By default Histogram generates Graphics expression with embedded Dynamic constructs as can be seen by looking on its InputForm. Is it possible to switch off generation of any Dynamic constructs and get non-interactive Graphics from Histogram?

P.S. There are two reasons to turn off interactivity:

1) Interactivity is not needed when preparing graphics for Export.

2) Unnecessary Dynamic elements complicate generated Graphics expression and make difficult to modify it.

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With $PerformanceGoal set to "Quality" by default, Histogram will generate tooltips for all the bars, which are dynamic objects. You can disable this with the option PerformanceGoal -> "Speed".

With[{data = RandomVariate[NormalDistribution[], 1000]},
    FreeQ[InputForm@Histogram[data, PerformanceGoal -> #], Tooltip | DynamicBox]
]& /@ {"Speed", "Quality"}

(* {True, False} *)
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