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The integration of Wolfram|Alpha seems to be one of the (many!) major features of Mathematica 8. Earlier I was reading this Wolfram Blog archive and noticed quite a few articles talking about the use of this API.

But what finally got me to ask my first Stack Overflow question was reading the top ranked answer on this question which uses the programmatic interface to Wolfram|Alpha. There is, to my knowledge, no published information on how much Mathematica users are allowed to use this service.

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Perhaps this helps:

The WolframAlpha function is limited to 1,000 API calls per day for professional Premier Service subscribers (500 API calls per day for student and classroom Premier Service subscribers), and 100 API calls per day for all other users, unless an API upgrade is purchased.

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Interesting find. I'd never seen published limits before and was curious where WRI would draw the line. Here's my 2 cents... if strictly implemented as described, I think it's a little tight and negative sounding. My experience (especially in regard to hunting for interesting data) is that it can take a TON of queries to nail down what you want. IMO, some sort of 'moving average' based approach would be far better than a hard cap. I understand the reason for a cap, but believe the policy could be tweaked for the better. –  telefunkenvf14 Dec 8 '11 at 17:07
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