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I have those few lines of code causing a crash and I can't figure out why:

     Button["Built In Funct", openNothing[]]}, {}],

 Initialization :> (openNothing[] := (Input["bla", 1];))]

Mathematica freezes for a few seconds and then says:

The kernel is not responding to a Dynamic Evaluation. [...]

WARNING: It did make Mathematica not responding at all. After the force quit the list of the recently opened notebooks were removed (I assume that the ~/.Mathematica/FrontEnd/init.m has been removed.)

I'm on Fedora 19, Mathematica 8.0.4. The same issue has been noticed under Windows 7, Mathematica 9.

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Try this

   Row@{Button["Built In Funct", openNothing[], Method -> "Queued"]}, 
 Initialization :> (openNothing[] := (Input["bla", 1];))]
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Read the docs on the "Queued" Method. Also you dont realky need EventHandler. – Rolf Mertig Oct 2 '13 at 18:18

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