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How can i prevent Mathematica from automatically simplifying the expression Sqrt[a/b]?

In case a=1 and b=2, Mathematica will print 1/Sqrt[2], whereas case a=3 and b=4, Mathematica will print Sqrt[3/4].

The output of my program would be better readable, if the fractions stayed unsimplified under the square-root symbol.

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You can use Format and a custom head, e.g. mySqrt, along with HoldForm:

Format[mySqrt[body_]] := Sqrt @ HoldForm @ body


mySqrt /@ {1/2, 3/4}

enter image description here

If you want to use these expressions as live input (where this holding behavior will not be preserved) you should use Interpretation:

Format[mySqrt[body_]] := Interpretation[Sqrt @ HoldForm @ body, Sqrt @ body]
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