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My Stack Exchange favorites are getting bigger and bigger. It is becoming unmanageable and is getting hard to find what I look for. A related question is Sort favorite questions.

Is it possible to use the structure of Mathematica's Documentation Center to arrange my favorite questions by subject? For instance, adding a subtopic with links to Stack Exchange. Is it to difficult to do?

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If you want to do all the sorting and maintenance by hand, then you could add your own documentation in an otherwise empty package as described here. –  Timothy Wofford Sep 26 '13 at 12:09
Favorited. Let's hope it doesn't get lost in the throng... –  István Zachar Sep 27 '13 at 20:39
Could you describe more what do you want. Let's say this question is a favorite question. What should happen to the url? –  Kuba May 19 at 11:28
@Kuba In an ideal situation, I would like to see this question favorited under documentation 'ref/Notebook' due to the keywords used. May be as a separate section simmilar to 'Detailed' section. However, as Timothy mentioned it may be very hard to edit Doc Center. But, may be it's easier to replicate the doc structure of Mathematica in an other gui or cell and associated and structure the favorites with this new gui. –  s.s.o May 26 at 10:30

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