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When I can't remember an integral I usually just query wolfram and have it show steps.

This was my naive attempt at trying to make a simpler function.

 wolfram[query_] = 
 WolframAlpha[ToString[query], IncludePods -> "Input", 
  AppearanceElements -> {"Pods"}, PodStates -> {"Input__Show steps"}]

It doesn't work. I'm completely clueless :) More generally I'm asking: How would I create a permanent function to simplify something this... verbose ?

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For indefinite integrals where "Show Steps" is available, the pod state is "IndefiniteIntegral__Step-by-step solution". The following works for cases where W|A can show the steps.

showSteps[query_] := WolframAlpha[
    "integrate " <> ToString[query], 
    {{"IndefiniteIntegral", 2}, "Content"}, 
    PodStates -> {"IndefiniteIntegral__Step-by-step solution"}

enter image description here

The 2 in the second argument refers to the hidden steps. Using 1 instead will give you the formatted result.

To get a computable result (formatting free) from W|A, you can use the following:

integrate[query_] := WolframAlpha[
    "integrate " <> ToString[query], 
    {{"IndefiniteIntegral", 1}, "ComputableData"}, 
    PodStates -> {"IndefiniteIntegral__Step-by-step solution"}

integrate["sin(x)^2"] // InputForm
(* Hold[Integrate[Sin[x]^2, x] == (x - Cos[x]*Sin[x])/2] *)
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