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The following code shows the GraphUtilities package makes a problem for Graph object. I want to use a TwoColoring function without using the GraphUtilities package. Is there a TwoColoring function of Graph object ? Mathematica version is

g1 = {1 -> 2, 2 -> 3};

GraphPlot[g1, VertexLabeling -> True, ImageSize -> 200]    

Graph[g1, VertexLabels -> "Name", ImagePadding -> 20]    

gc = ToCombinatoricaGraph[g1]    
color = TwoColoring[gc]    

         VertexRenderingFunction -> ({Text[Framed[#2, Background -> Hue[color[[#3]]/4], 
         FrameStyle -> RGBColor[0.94, 0.85, 0.36]], #1]} &)]    

color2 = Position[color, 2][[1]] 

HighlightGraph[Graph[g1, VertexLabels -> "Name"], {2}, ImagePadding -> 20]    
HighlightGraph[Graph[{1 -> 2, 2 -> 3}, VertexLabels -> "Name"], {2}, 
                                         ImagePadding -> 20]

No graphics.

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If you load GraphUtilities, context of Graph will be changed to Combinatorica (from System). If you want to use system Graph (when GraphUtilities or Combinatorica loaded), you have to specify System` context. For example,

HighlightGraph[System`Graph[g1, VertexLabels -> "Name"], {2}, 
 ImagePadding -> 20] 

will work.

There is no TwoColoring function for Graph, but you can easily write one using BreadthFirstScan:

        "DiscoverVertex" -> (Sow[{#1, Mod[#3, 2, 1]}] &)]][[2, 1]], 
  Last][[All, All, 1]]

twoColoring[g_] := {}

I make output as two sets but you could modify it whatever you want.

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Thanks. Your twoColoring function is what I am looking for. Y.Sato – user25076 Sep 19 '13 at 0:45

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