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I am unable to get the CountryData function to work. I have tried FinancialData, CityData, WeatherData, AstronomicalData, and ProteinData. They all work.

CountryData["France", "Population"]
FinancialData["GE", "MarketCap"]

I wonder if the internet connection is different for CountryData but can't find a setting to change anything. I'm running

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WinXP V9.01 Out:=6.47684*10^7 – Kuba Sep 13 '13 at 12:50
same population on MacOS X v9.01. – Pinguin Dirk Sep 13 '13 at 12:54
Do you get the "installing data from wolfram" box or does it $Failed right away? Either way, I'd try a) quit mathematica b) remove the directory FileNames[ FileNameJoin[{$UserBasePacletsDirectory, "Repository", "CountryData-*"}]] c) start mathematica and see if it gets loaded right – ssch Sep 13 '13 at 12:54
If that solves if please post as an answer. – s0rce Sep 13 '13 at 13:00
Sorce: I tried your suggestion. I deleted two directories and restarted Mathematica (CountryData-7.0.59 and CountryData-8.0.62). No Change. Regarding first question: The failed response happens pretty much right away, no message, "installing data from wolfram". Thanks – Jeff Lapides Sep 13 '13 at 15:01