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I tried this code, but not working

f[x_] := x^3 - 3 x + 2;
ForAll[{x1, x2}, x1 < x2, f[x1] < f[x2]]
Reduce[%, {x1, x2}, Reals]

I expected the result is x<=-1 || x>=1

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For almost everywhere differentiable functions:

Reduce[ D[ f[x], x] > 0, x]
x < -1 || x > 1

In fact it is sufficient for almost all purposes, your example is just a polynomial, no need for other conditions.

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I prefer @Artes way of doing it, but here is one way to do it with ForAll and Reduce:

Since you want to find intervals $[a,b]$ s.t. $\forall x_1,x_2 \in [a,b]\quad s.t.\ x_1<x_2: f(x_1)<f(x_2) $ You can specify the ForAll statement like:

f[x_] := x^3 - 3 x + 2;
ForAll[{x1, x2}, a < x1 < x2 < b, f[x1] < f[x2]]
Reduce[% && a < b, {a, b}, Reals]

(* (a < -1 && a < b <= -1) || (a >= 1 && b > a) *)
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