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I'm trying to get my head around NotebookWrite for the last few days. I can't understand why

   StringForm["some text = ``", 3]
  , "Text"

doesn't seem to produce what I would expect:

some text = 3

in the newly defined notebook nb.

Why is this? How can this be achieved? Thanks all, once again!

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This is not a problem of NotebookWrite but of Cell with StringForm. Check out Cell-s documentation under Details and "The contents of cells can be the following". As you will see, StringForm is not listed, so you either have to convert it to a normal string (e.g. using ToString@3) or to some xxxData object. – István Zachar Sep 8 '13 at 7:33
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Istvan Zachar's comment is correct, but I think it does not cover your main confusion. The key observation here is that even though it seems like your StringForm expression evaluates to a string, it actually gets displayed that way by front end. To see what the expression looks like to Mathematica, you can do

StringForm["some text = ``", 3] // FullForm

which just gives

StringForm["some text = ``",3]

So Mathematica sees this expression with head StringForm, rather than a string. So if we do for example

Head[StringForm["some text = ``",3]]

we get StringForm, whereas if we do

Head["some text = 3"]

we get String.

Note that it is possible to use ToString on an expression with Head StringForm to get a real String. Also, as mentioned in another answer of mine in a question of yours, you should considered using boxes rather than just strings inside your Cell's

Closely related: how to convert string output into executable commands

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Thanks for the comment, I'll take a look a the link! – Gabriel Sep 13 '13 at 13:43

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