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I have this line of code (a one-liner to import the Abaqus dispalcements!)

displacements = 
        "------------------------------\n([.\\s\\S]*)Minimum"] -> \
{"$1"}][[1, 1]], "Table"], {}][[
  All, {1, 3, 4}]];(* drop the 2nd column = U.Magnitude *)

This line gives a trouble in the auto-intendation when sometimes the * ) in the RegularExpression matches with an opening (* somewhere earlier.

One solution to correct the wrong formatting (I know) is to delete the *) and retype it.

Anyone else faces such trouble in the front-end? Any way to avoid it?

I am on M8

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I don't think you can avoid completely it since comments behave like:

Here is code (* comment " comment *) more code

But you can split the string up:

"part1*)part2" == "part1*"<>")part2"

Unrelated observations:

Although I do find it strange you can't escape "*" nor ")" with "\"

"\)" != ")"
"\)" != "\\)" (* Theese  two print as the same *)
StringMatchQ["\)", "\\)"] (* False *)
StringTake["\\)", {1}]    (* "\\" *)
StringTake["\)", {1}]     (* "\)" huh? *)
ToCharacterCode["\)"]     (* {63424} something in unicode PUA *)
""=="\)"                 (* True, displays as "\)"=="\)" on input *)
FullForm[\( 1 \)]         (* "1" *)

What is this \( \) thing? EDIT: nevermind, it's RowBox

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