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Can anyone help me please? I don't want a Histogram; I don't want a BarChart, not even a ListPlot with drop down lines. I want a list plot with drop down columns/bars: please see the link.

Mathematica graphics

It is basically a histogram but of a different kind. The data structure contains two variables for example in the above figure it was energy and standard deviation. And the frequency distribution was done based on two cut-offs {0.5,2.0} and finally it was plotted along the energy axis. Therefore, it contains overlapping bars/columns. A projection of a 3D histogram in two dimensions.

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Please provide some data to work on :) – Kuba Aug 24 '13 at 18:07
@belisarius can't argue, it's something :) – Kuba Aug 24 '13 at 18:27
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Why not just assemble the chart from rectangles?

data = {{-6.65, 55}, {-6.45, 15}, {-6.27, 10}, {-6, 5}, {-5.85, 3}, 
 {-6.46, 6}, {-6.25, 3}, {-6.17, 2}};

Graphics[{EdgeForm[{Thick, Black}], RGBColor[0.3, 0.4, 0.4], 
  Rectangle[{#1 - 0.05, 0}, {#1 + 0.05, #2}] & @@@ data},
 Frame -> True, AspectRatio -> 0.7, FrameLabel -> {"Binding Energy", "Cluster Frequency"}]

enter image description here

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