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I am trying to update a list every time a value in a Table Widget is changed.

My list has to be made from expressions and not strings since I am doing some symbolic calculations each time the table is changed.

The problem is that when I update the value of the list with the new value from the table converted from string to expression, I get something like this for example2:

{a, GUIKitPrivateScript7`d, c} - here b has been changed with d.

If I leave the value to be of type String everything works fine, but if I add ToExpression[] I always get a symbolic GUIKitPrivateScript` infront of the value.

Here is an example code that illustrates the problem.

example = {"a","b","c"}
 example2 = {a, b, c}
    ref = GUIRun[
      Widget["Panel", {Widget["Table", {

             "items" -> Script[{example}],
             PropertyValue["model", Name -> "myTableModel"]
             }, Name -> "myTable"],
             BindEvent[{"myTableModel", "tableChanged"},

             example2[[PropertyValue[{"#", "column"}]+1]] =  ToExpression[
              InvokeMethod[{"myTableModel", "getValueAt"}, 
               PropertyValue[{"#", "firstRow"}], 
               PropertyValue[{"#", "column"}]]]
          }],IncludedScriptContexts -> {$Context}]
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