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I am experiencing the following problem in WB 2.0 for windows. I import a project in WB. The project has symbol, guide and tutorial pages.

When I click on a link to a symbol page, I am promptly sent to the relevant symbol page.

However, when I click on a link to a guide or tutorial page, nothing happens. If I insist and right-click on the link and request to open the page in a separate window, WB complains with the following message:

Documentation`HelpLookupPacletURI::link: Could not resolve paclet URL paclet:Myproject/tutorial/Mytutorial.

for a tutorial page, and similarly for a guide page. As I said , with symbol pages there is no problem.

Interestingly, if I hover above the link, in all cases the address seems to be correct. The links also work flawlessly in the native WB (that is: before they were exported).

If I later build and deploy the application, the finished documentation and package seems to be working well.

Any idea what is going on? But , more importantly, the question is: how can we force WB to resolve the guide and tutorial paclet URLs?

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