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See this example, a function has Listable attributes often more efficient than Map,but why is this one is an exception?

With[{n = 6},
   IntegerDigits[Range[10^(n - 1), 10^n - 1]]
   ] // Hash // AbsoluteTiming
(*{1.573090, 756716557}*)

With[{n = 6},
   IntegerDigits /@ Range[10^(n - 1), 10^n - 1]
   ] // Hash // AbsoluteTiming
(*{0.202012, 756716557}*)
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Map is autocompiling. If you turn autocompilation off, i.e., if you set

  "CompileOptions" -> "MapCompileLength" -> Infinity];

then the timings are the same.

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But you artificially made Map slower. –  Sasha Aug 19 '13 at 11:54
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