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I'd like to be able to process a number of graphics that have edge contours and output a list of x,y coordinates to be used for generating a spline in another program, or in Mathematica, to make a SOR, prism, etc.

Essentially, given a photo of a turned spindle, output the radius as a function of length.


I'm a n00b, and working with code from here: Get x and z coordinate from an image and make a parametric surface as a template. I've gotten to the point where I can output a graph of the "height" vs length, but I need to get a list of coordinates.

I suppose being able to draw a line to measure from in the case of tricky graphics or slanted [eventual] centers of rotation would be a helpful feature.

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Welcome to MMA.SE! I believe the reason you're not getting any answers or any response to this question is because answering it in its current form would require a lot of guessing. Please provide a sample image and the expected result and someone will probably help you. Also include the code you have so far. –  Pickett Aug 17 '13 at 23:05
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