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Let's assume I want a button that, when you click it, get the cell that contains it selected. This approach won't work, it selects the cell containg the selection previous to the click.

Button["Select this cell", SelectionMove[ButtonNotebook[], All, Cell]]
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Button["Select this cell", SelectionMove[ButtonNotebook[], All, EvaluationCell]]
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This is better than mine. +1 – halirutan Mar 15 '12 at 2:59
@halirutan I just browsed the help ... beginner's luck :) – Dr. belisarius Mar 15 '12 at 3:04

What you could use is NotebookFind to search inside your notebook for something unique which distinguishes your Button from all other.

Here I looked at the cell-structure of your Button and used it to make a small function which creates exactly this button-cell with the exception, that it adds a CellTag. The Button itself just searches for this CellTag and selects the Cell where it is found. As a unique string I used simply the creation-time of the button:

MakeSelectionButton[] := With[{t = DateString[]},
      ButtonBox["\<\"Select this cell\"\>",
        Appearance -> Automatic,
        ButtonFunction :> NotebookFind[
            ButtonNotebook[], t, All, CellTags],
        Evaluator -> Automatic,
        Method -> "Preemptive"]], "Output", CellTags -> t]

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