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Bug introduced in 8.0 or earlier and persisting through 10.3

This is an example LibaryLink code from Mathematica documentation, which takes an integer and return an integer list:

 $HistoryLength = 0;    

 MMASrc = "
   #include \"WolframLibrary.h\"
   #include \"WolframCompileLibrary.h\"

   DLLEXPORT int demo_I_T(WolframLibraryData libData, 
              mint Argc, MArgument *Args, MArgument Res) {
      MTensor T0;
      mint i, I0, dims[1];
      int err = LIBRARY_NO_ERROR;

      I0 = MArgument_getInteger(Args[0]);
      dims[0] = I0;

      err = libData->MTensor_new(MType_Integer, 1, dims, &T0);
      for ( i = 1; i <= I0 && !err; i++) {
          err = libData->MTensor_setInteger( T0, &i, i*2);
      MArgument_setMTensor(Res, T0);
      return err;

CreateLibrary[MMASrc, "mylib", "TargetDirectory" -> "/tmp"];   
libFunc = LibraryFunctionLoad["/tmp/mylib.dylib", "demo_I_T", {Integer}, {Integer, 1}];

The library function never returns the memory :

Table[Table[libFunc[100], {40000}]; Pause[0.1]; MemoryInUse[]/1024.^2, {10}]
(* {66.3692, 100.548, 134.727, 168.906, 203.085, 237.264, 271.443, 305.622, 339.8, 373.979} *)

compared to Mathematica function:

mmaFunc[i_] := 2*Range[i]

Table[Table[mmaFunc[100], {40000}]; Pause[0.1]; MemoryInUse[]/1024.^2, {10}]
(* {373.984, 373.984, 373.984, 373.984, 373.984, 373.984, 373.984, 373.984, 373.984, 373.984} *)

Why and how to fix it?

A different facet of the same bug is described here.

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By "returns the memory", do you mean "frees the memory" -- that is, returns it to the system to be reused? As opposed to the function returns no value? – Michael E2 Aug 1 '13 at 3:54
@MichaelE2 yes I mean frees the memory to the system. – xslittlegrass Aug 1 '13 at 5:43
added bugs per ruebenko. – rcollyer Aug 2 '13 at 14:16
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This is not an issue with LibraryLink as such. It seems to be an issue with how the compiled function interpreter calls a library link function. It's a bug and submitted as such. If you replace your code with

Table[Table[libFunc[100];, {40000}]; Pause[0.1]; 
 MemoryInUse[]/1024.^2, {10}]

there is no memory leak. Note the ; after the call to libFunc[100].

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Could you explain more about your code and why it gives a different memory usage? And also why I don't need the ; in the mathematica version? Thanks. – xslittlegrass Aug 1 '13 at 14:55
@xslittlegrass, I do not know why the ; is necessary but I'll try to find out. Should I find something I'll report it here. – user21 Aug 2 '13 at 6:55
@xslittlegrass, please note the update. – user21 Aug 2 '13 at 15:50

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