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Choose the use of vertical bar in DisplayFormula cell

Sometimes, I use vertical bar directly via typing "|", and sometimes I typed Esc l+ Esc which like the following.


Saved above as Tex, then I cannot compile directly.

\begin {document}

[\left\left | Z_ 1 + Z_ 2 \r ight \r ight | \leq \left\left | Z_ 1 \r ight \r ight | +\left\left | Z_ 2 \r ight \r ight | ]

\end {document}

Here there needs one choice, to post process the Tex Source, or to process the Mathematica 's code, or to process the ReplaceRulesToTex(replace Left | and Right | with | when exporting to Tex.), or to use other signs in place with Left |.

And It's the same as that generated also by ExportString

ExportString[cellExpression, "TeX"]

    %% AMS-LaTeX Created by Wolfram Mathematica 9.0 : www.wolfram.com\documentclass{article}\u
sepackage{amsmath, amssymb, graphics, setspace}\newcommand{\mathsym}[1]{{}}\newcommand{\un
icode}[1]{{}}\newcounter{mathematicapage}\begin{document}\[\left\left| Z_1+Z_2\right\right
    | \leq \left\left| Z_1\right\right| +\left\left| Z_2\right\right|\]\end{document}

So, which is best to indicate AbsoluteValue, (|)'s $|z|$ or (Esc l| Esc)'s $\left| z\right|$, any other choices?

Note, there is one problem shown in my previous post when use | directly.

But it maybe good when saved as Tex.

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