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This example displays a input window at a position of 675 from the left.

winMargins = {{675, Automatic}, {130, Automatic}};  
InputString["testing WindowMargins!  stop: 0", 
    FieldSize -> Small, WindowMargins -> winMargins];

I want to display the window centered horizontally on the screen. I tried to use the following, but it does not work.

winMargins = {{Scaled[{0.5}], Automatic}, {130, Automatic}};  

How can I get a horizontally centered input window?

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In Version 7 on Windows 7 this configuration appears to produce a horizontally centered window:

winMargins = {{Automatic, Automatic}, {130, Automatic}};
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Works in v8, v9 (Mac) too. – Michael E2 Jul 26 '13 at 12:24

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