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In a multiple Sum I need to put an automatically generated summation region. But when I generate the summation region automatically I get a list whose elements are lists. Then the summation does not work.

For example:





A = Table[{i[j],j+1},{j,2}];

doesn't work.

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You could use something like Sum[1,Evaluate[Sequence@@{{i,1,2},{j,1,2}}]] – sebhofer Jul 21 '13 at 21:50
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As always there are several possibilities. For example



Sum[1, ##] & @@ {{i, 1, 2}, {j, 1, 2}}

both work.

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The syntax for Sum is wrong. For multiple sums, you list each summation index as a separate argument, not enclosed in a list. For example, instead of


you need to write

Sum[1, {i, 1, 2}, {j, 1, 2}]

(* ==> 4 *)

To modify your last example,


you should do this:

A = Table[{i, j}, {i, 1, 2}, {j, 1, 2}];
Sum[1, {tuple, Flatten[A, 1]}]

(* ==> 4 *)

This assumes that your goal was to have A be a list of tuples i, j.

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