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I would like to add a trusted a path in the global preferences of Mathematica for Mac. When I go to NotebookSecurityOptions, click the tool button for TrustedPath, and click 'Add', a dialog box appears and asks for a path.

After reading the official documentation on Notebook Security, I still have no idea how to enter a simple, specific path (eg ~/Desktop) into that box. I can't find a documentation for the Filename function as well, so I'm left with just guesswork. I have tried several guesses in vain.

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You can get a path with FileNameSetter[Dynamic[f], "Directory"]‌​, if that helps. – Michael E2 Jul 21 '13 at 1:26
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You have to go down through quite a few dialogs to select a directory path.

  1. Select the System tab in the Preferences dialog.
  2. Click on Edit Trusted Directories....
  3. The Trusted Directories dialog appears. Click on Add.
  4. A nameless dialog appears. Click on Browse....
  5. A Selecte a Folder dialog appears. Navigate in that dialog to the parent directory of directory you want to add. Select the directory. Click on Choose.


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This should have been mentioned in the official documentation on Notebook Security. – Taiki Jul 21 '13 at 23:00

You should be able to just use ~/Desktop, or perhaps /Users/Taiki/Desktop.

The interface is a little nicer through the System tab of the Preferences dialog. There you get the option to browse to a directory in addition to just typing in a path.

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