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Lets say I have a file named test.m containing some functions.

test[arg1_, arg2_] := (
test3[arg1_, arg2_] := (

What would be a good way to generate a list of butons that would allow you to invoke the functions easily? For example.

enter image description here

The tricky part here (and is mainly why I am asking this question) is calling the functions, which will have several different argument types? I had thought about using an InputField with a MessageDialog, but I would bet there is better way to incorporate Mathematica's features.

loadFile[path_String?FileExistsQ] := DeleteCases[ToExpression[
    , InputForm, HoldComplete], Null];
x = ReleaseHold[
   loadFile["test.m"] /.
    HoldPattern[sym_[args__] := eval_] :>
     Button[sym, eval]
x[[0]] = List;
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The following code allows you to click the button which will allow you call the function. (functionality still buggy, 2 options 1) add functions to Global namespace 2) figure out some way to allow you to call the functions ).

loadFile[path_String?FileExistsQ] := 
   ToExpression[FromCharacterCode[BinaryReadList[path]], InputForm, 
    HoldComplete], Null];

 loadFile["test.m"] /. 
    HoldPattern[sym_[args___] := eval_] :> 
     Button[Defer[sym], CellPrint[Cell[
         , "Input", Evaluatable -> True, 
         CellEvaluationFunction -> Function[ToExpression[#];], 
         ShowStringCharacters -> True
      ] /.
   HoldPattern[Pattern][a__, _[x___]] :> Placeholder[a _ x] /. 
  List :> CompoundExpression,

enter image description here

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