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I have a table in the following format: Apple 2 Pear 3 Banana 5 Orange 6.5 .... I would like to put the values on a single horizontal axis and add corresponding descriptive labels (apple, pear, banana etc.) next to the values. How can I do that in Mathematica? Many thanks!

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You may want to look up BarChart. – Jens Jul 2 '13 at 5:26
What do you mean by put the values on a single horizontal axis? It sound like you want a dot on a line with a label. That's not the BarChart Jens suggested. Could you be a little bit more specific? – Sjoerd C. de Vries Jul 2 '13 at 5:48

From a list like ls = {{"Apple", 2} , {"Pear", 3}, {"Banana", 5}, {"Orange", 6.5}} you can get:

ListPlot[Labeled[{#[[2]], 0},Framed[Rotate[#[[1]], 90 Degree],
Background -> Yellow], Top] & /@ ls, Axes -> {True, False}]


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Another possibility is to do it yourself:

ls = {{"Apple", 2}, {"Pear", 3}, {"Banana", 5}, {"Orange", 6.5}};
  {Text[Style[First@#, 18], {Last@#, 0.25}],
     Disk[{Last@#, 0.1}, .05]} & /@ ls,
 Axes -> { True, False}]

single axis diagram

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