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I would like all new input and output cells, in fact all new cells including section headers and such, to have a specific stylistic property (CellBracketOptions -> {"Color" -> MyFavoriteColor}). This is easy enough to do with CurrentValue[$FrontEnd,...]=.... However, I want this behavior to be exhibited only by new cells created in a specific Mathematica installation. I.e. a notebook generated elsewhere should look like it would in a default Mathematica FrontEnd, and only new cells created in this Mathematica installation should have the new property.

My use case here is that I have a notebook that I would like to use for collaborations, where each person would be assigned a color, and when they use their copy of Mathematica the cells they enter would automatically have a distinctly colored cell bracket. When exchanging this notebook, the cells authored by each user would be readily identifiable by their cell bracket color.

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