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I am attempting to style a Plot in which all of the lines are Thick and I have selected the colors manually:

solid[t_] := -292 - 0.41 t;
liquid[t_] := -286 - 0.07 t;
gas[t_] := -242 - .189 t;
Plot[{gas[t], liquid[t], solid[t]}, {t, 0, 400}, 
 PlotStyle -> ({Thick, #} & /@ {Black, Blue, Red})]

The above code gives me the desired result, but I can't believe that the use of a pure mapped pure function is the best way to get these results. Is there a less obfuscatious method to assigning some PlotStyle directives to all functions and then a set of directives that will apply to each function individually?

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You could add the directive using BaseStyle:

Plot[{gas[t], liquid[t], solid[t]}, {t, 0, 400}, 
 PlotStyle -> ({Black, Blue, Red}), BaseStyle -> Thick]
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