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Sometimes I create a number of plots together, e.g. by GraphicsGrid[].

If it happens that I have to print the notebook, very often the cell is broken, half on one page and the remaining part on the next -- while I'd like Mathematica to print it all in the next page if there is not enough space available.

This also happens if I save the notebook as a PDF.

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I know this can be found easily in the documentation, but I also know this is an issue many people encounter (as I did). You tend to search for this in the printing menus and not in the frontend options. I suggest we leave this open and have @Corey's answer as an official answer. –  Sjoerd C. de Vries Sep 3 '13 at 10:46
@alessandro If Corey's comment answers your question, please consider accepting the answer, so that this question will be marked as having an accepted answer. Thanks. –  Michael E2 Mar 14 at 18:13

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[If Corey Kelly wishes to answer, this can be deleted.]

The way to prevent page breaks within cells can be found in the documentation:


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I also had printing problems and have reverted to a very basic method in order to actually get things to print properly. See my question and answers to a similar problem:

Problem printing what appears in my notebook

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